Our Core Values

The Society of Scholar-Priests exists to welcome theology home. We want to rekindle the theological vocation and imagination of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. We want to do that by supporting, mentoring, and helping to fund scholar-priests and by working with bishops and other leaders to connect them with parishes that need stable and effective leadership.

That’s our mission. That’s what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. But, every organization also has to define a few values that are really core to how it is going to fulfill its mission. Those three things that a group of people decide they won’t ever compromise on are their core values.

Once you define your core values, all kinds of other options open. We have to tolerate some intolerance in order to be free to engage the world. Free people and organizations are the ones who have a center that will hold. They have an anchor to help them weather the personal and organizational storms.

Our three core values, the ways we commit to ourselves and to the church to act and to be are:

Rooted in Scripture


Oriented to Wise Action


We believe that every parish deserves good leadership and that theology done for the parish can be once again done in the parish.