Eastertide Facebook Conversations


Easter Greetings!

In an effort to promote dialogue and fellowship, while also helping us get in the spirit of our 2016 Conference, the Board Members of the Society of Scholar Priests will be hosting a series of Facebook conversations on the theme of Right Action during Eastertide. Please come join us!

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/scholarpriests

Each Tuesday a Board Member will start the discussion off, and we hope you will join in! In order to promote a healthy and lively discussion, we ask that all participants abide by the following covenant:

1. This is a sacred community space.

2. As the apostle Paul reminds us, we have a variety of gifts, a variety of calls, and a variety of ways of faithfully serving God. Please respect each other and our diversity as we support one another in our ministry. Since our intent does not always match our impact, please try to be sensitive to how your comments might be received by someone in another context.

3. While this is a place where we are free to be honest, we ask that we all please be sensitive to *how* we express our emotions, particularly anger, as for some the use of all caps or profanity can be off putting or offensive. The use of an *asterix* or two can be a good alternative.

4. Please note that images posted here become part of our collective “library” on Facebook. We ask, therefore, that you do not repost images that you find offensive, as they are not representative of our collective identity, and it is likely that many other participants will also find them to be offensive.

We look forward to sharing in this conversation on topics such as: Liturgy, Preaching, Politics and Gossip.

Please join us! https://www.facebook.com/scholarpriests

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