“The Scholar-Priest Initiative is a movement desperately needed given the challenges facing the contemporary church.”

–Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University

“In seeking to revitalize the venerable tradition of intellectually astute clergy, the Scholar-Priest Initiative represents a hopeful sign for renewal in Anglicanism. A salubrious Church depends on both the dedication and the deployment of a priesthood eager to engage the faith, the culture, and the people.”

–The Revd Dr Randall Balmer, Episcopal Priest and Mandel Family Professor in the Arts & Sciences, Dartmouth College

“I am excited by the vision of The Scholar-Priest Initiative as a means of invigorating the church through the encouragement and support of scholar-priests, whose call to serve God is expressed through both rigorous theological scholarship and engaged parish ministry. This initiative has great promise not only for the church but also for theological education. Training programs for priests are seeing massive shifts and upheavals today and older seminary models are becoming less sustainable in some regions; SPI will be a significant effort towards ensuring that, whatever the fortunes of these institutions, the church is well served by a literate, educated, articulate leadership.”

–The Revd Dr Jason Fout, Assistant Professor of Anglican Theology, Bexley Hall

“The Scholar-Priest Initiative is an important and timely movement in North American Anglicanism. The Anglican tradition of the scholar-priest is floundering in this context, and devoted attention to its renewal is most welcome. Most importantly, the initiative’s motives and goals focus not only on the careers of scholar-priests themselves, but on the important contributions scholar-priests can and should make in the parish and in the wider communion.”

–Dr. Elizabeth Phillips, Tutor in Theology and Ethics, Westcott House, Cambridge