Welcome to the SPI home of New Tracts for Our Times.
The original two videos (“Scripture” and “Eucharist”) were produced by Joseph Wolyniak (member of the SPI Leadership Team) with support from the Evangelical Education Society‘s “Evangelism in the 21st Century Program.” The videos were filmed, directed, and edited by Pilar Timpane.

The videos are available for free and can be embedded from our YouTube page .


The Society of Scholar-Priest’s fellowship programs represent Phases Two and Three of the Scholar-Priest Initiative. Please read further about why we think these grant programs are vital to welcoming theology home.

The Parish Fellowship

SPI exists to welcome theology home. We want to see parishes thriving in their communities, and we want to see scholar-priests thriving in their vocation. To see those things, we need to build partnerships between centered, open, and effective scholar-priests and local parish lay leadership. We believe that these partnerships can reinvigorate struggling parishes and ground theology in the parish for the next generation. The Parish Fellowship will fund scholar-priests into parishes that cannot afford a full-time priest of their own.
The grant period will last three or four years. After a rigorous selection process, the scholar-priest will become a Full Fellow of the Society of Scholar-Priests. SPI and SSP will provide academic and pastoral mentorship to the Fellow, supporting her in both aspects of her vocation. We will also support local lay leadership with best practices from around the Church. The vision of the grant is to see these parishes stabilize and thrive, opening up the possibility for the Fellow’s continued ministry.
Are you part of a parish that would like to participate in our Parish Fellowship program? Do you know a parish that might be interested? Please contact Jason Ingalls at [email protected]

The Advanced Degree Fellowship

SPI exists to welcome theology home. We believe that theology done for the parish should be done in the parish. We also believe that advanced study in theology is still vital for on-going ministry in today’s quickly changing world. The Advanced Degree Fellowship will fund those called to scholar-priesthood into academic masters and doctoral programs.
The grant period will last four years. After a rigorous selection process, the Fellow will become a Junior Fellow of the Society of Scholar-Priests and attend the annual conference with the understanding that they will serve for a minimum of five years in full-time parochial ministry post-graduation. Special attention will be paid to Junior Fellows’ applications to the Parish Fellowship program.