We invite parish priests, scholars, and theologians from across the Anglican Communion to give live presentations, offering a unique forum for engaging pressing issues and promoting theological exchange in keeping with our mission to ‘welcome theology home‘.

Presenters generally offer two 20-minute lectures followed by Q&A after each segment. The interactive talks range from revisiting past publications to exploring new avenues of research, offering various points of entry and engagement for the specialist and neophyte alike.

We want people to get to know these theologians and their work in ways that might inform and enliven the work we are all doing, whether we find ourselves in the parish or academe. We also hope these talks will offer some practical insights as well: advice on living out the scholar-priest vocation, tips on research and writing, hints about engaging parishioners in theological conversation, and more.

Check out YouTube and Facebook (see below) for more information.


Watch the videos on YouTube, share them on social media, and embed them on your blogs and websites.
Pass the word, invite others to get involved.
Suggest topics and theologians to invite.
Continue the discussion in your local parish and in our blog and Society forums.

Attend live shows. Watch our Facebook page for upcoming event announcements.